Supporting the People of Nepal Through Trade

I originally visited Nepal in November of 2015 while volunteering in the community of Arnakot helping to install a computer lab powered by solar energy. During my few nights in Pokhara, before and after heading to Arnakot, I made the decision to extend my trip by a week and purchase a return trip for March 2016 and again in September 2016. During my time in November I was in the throws of the Fuel Crisis which was devastating a country already crippled by a major earthquake just months prior. (read more at<br />During my few short months in the US my friends and perfect strangers commented on the various items I had on me. My bracelets, neck scarfs, Yaks wool shawls, sweaters and hep items were all popular in conversation. I took orders from friends to pick up items for them and while in Nepal and posted a few of the items on Facebook for others to buy with delivery upon my return in May 2016. When asked what we can do to help Nepal after the earthquake and fuel crisis, the response is always "Visit Nepal and spend your money." So what better way to support the country for those that can't afford the time or money to visit?

I have sold so many items before ever considering an Etsy shop that I decided to sell items handmade by my friends in Nepal including my Tibetan Refugee woman friend, my friend Niishaa (and model), and coordinating with the women that make items for a shop in Pokhara managed by Bihm.

I eventually opened a shop in Pokhara, Nepal, and continued to sell the items on Etsy to provide a larger reach. In 2018 I moved back to the states while paying my Nepali friends, and our scholarship recipients to continue to run the shop. In 2019 I closed the shop and shipped all of the items to my home in the states on Vashon Island, WA. I am closing out the last of the items in my shop, and still providing help to the Nepali when they need it from my own income and from the shop when possible. 

I hope you enjoy the items and take pride that you are helping a country and it's economy by purchasing their goods even though you can't make it for a visit in-person. A Portion of all proceeds also go to support the families in Nepal with food, clothing and assist with larger projects that support the communities. If you are interested in traveling and volunteering, please contact me (the shop owner - Jenn) and I will be happy to help you coordinate a visit and get you some volunteering duties while you are in Nepal.

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